Make-up Brush Roll


I had been looking for a pretty make-up brush roll for a while when I came across this one on Etsy a few months ago and wanted to share it with you. It is a simple design, flower patterned fabric, stitched to make slots for 11 brushes of difference sizes- this was an important factor as many of those I say didn’t my fav Powder Brush (review).

 Make up Brush roll

It rolls up nicely and secured by ribbon for travel/storage. It is big enough to hold the brushes I use most so it is used  for everyday brush storage in the house along with on the go. It just makes life easier to find/grab brushes as needed while keeping them tidy. It handy I stay at my boyfriends half the week so I can get grab it without having to think through what brushes I need to match the make-up I am taking.

Make up brush roll

Also handy, you can wash it if it gets a bit make-up grubby My only small criticism would be I wish  the slots for the bigger brush were on the opposite side from the ribbon ties (so they are in the middle when rolled) as I think it would roll up neat/prettier, with of big brush bristles popping out.

How do you all store your most used makeup brushes?

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