My Marc Jacobs Perfume Collection

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs always draws me in with their lovely smell and gorgeous flower topped perfume bottles. I thought I would share with the Marc Jacobs Perfume Collection I have grown over the last couple years. I am not a huge fan of floral scents so love to the fresh, fruity notes of the Marc Jacobs range.

I have never had a talent for describing scents so have included the notes listed on  the Marc Jacobs website to hopefully give you a fuller appreciation of the smell than my skills would allow.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

This was the fragrance that started the collection, it was the first thing I bought myself when I was paid from my first ‘proper’ job.  As you can see it is well used. It has a lovely light, fresh and feminine scent which is perfect for everyday. It has a fruity feel without being too sweet.

Top Notes: Strawberry, Violet Leaves
Mid Notes: Violet Petals, Jasmine Bouquet
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla Infusion



This was once described to to me as Daisy’s big sister and I think it is a perfect description. It reflects the fresh and fruity notes but is far more sophisticated. I reach for this for nights out and special occasion. It is also one of my favourite bottles, a beautiful slender purple glass topped with a massive flower.

Top Notes: Pink Peppercorn, Pear, Ruby Red Grapefruit
Mid Notes: Peony, Rose, Geranium
Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Musk

Oh, Lola!

A new take on their Lola fragrance, which I found described  as ‘burst open with a bright and whimsical effervescence’. Not sure if that’s what you are looking for in a perfume? It does have raspberry notes which tingle on the nose and make you  think of sunny days.

Top Notes: Pear, Effervescent Raspberry
Mid Notes: Peony, Magnolia, Cyclamen
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

Oh Lola!, Sunsheer

This is a lighter version of Oh! Lola, but keeps  the same fruity and fresh  elements, another one perfect for daytime. The notes read almost identical  for Oh Lola! and this one but the fragrances are distinct from each other when sprayed.

Top Notes:  Raspberry, Pear and Wild Strawberry
Mid Notes: Magnolia, Peony and Cyclamen
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean.


This is my least favourite of all the scents. Love the bottle which has  the signature oversized cap. However, I think it has too much Vanilla for me and is heavier than the others in the range. Almost feel it is a little grown up for me, maybe I need to give it another go in the future.

Top Notes:  Red Berries, Dragonfruit, Honeysuckle
Mid Notes: Jasmine, Coconut Water, Orange Blossom
Base Notes:Vanilla, Driftwood, Musk

Marc Jacobs Honey


The latest addition to my collection- I wasn’t too sure about it to begin with but it has really grown on me. It is a sunny floral with enough of a fresh/fruity smell for me to love it. It does not smell heavily of honey which I had worried about! Another daytime favourite for me.

Top Note – Pear, Juicy Mandarin
Mid Note – Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Apricot, Honeysuckle
Base Note – Honey, Golden Vanilla, Smooth Woods

Only negative of this range is that although the bottle of wonderful, they aren’t that great for travelling with the large floor head. But you can easily get around this by decanting some into a travel atomizer or similar. Also to give the bottles their due they are rather hardy- they sit on my chest of drawers and my cat has knocked more than one of them all the way to the wooden floor with thankfully not smashes. Not recommending you drop them but if you do might not be disaster!

Whats your favourite perfume?

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