Umbrella Monday Chats #2

Pride & Prejudice Quote Frame

Hello again, I’m back for a quick weekly catch up. Last week started off the with watching the Queens Baton Relay pass through town, really looking forward to the Commonwealth Games, I loved attending the Olympics so high hopes for Glasgow 2014.

Rest of my week was quite quiet, on Friday night I went to an Art exhibition with my friend, all very cultural and sophisticated- lots of free fizz too! I fell in love with one of the paintings, far out of my price range though. I wish I was one of those people who had money to spend of fabulous art…maybe if I spent less on make-up! : )

It was my birthday at the weekend, so a year older and all that. Had tea with my family one night- Thai food which I love. Then on Sunday an afternoon cocktail (or two) with the girls before meeting the boyfriend off his plane for a fancy tea for two. I was a very lucky girl and got some lovely gifts, I did pop a few pictures on Instagram (see sidebar) if you follow me there. The above picture is from one of the awesome homemade gifts my friends made me, framed Jane Austen quotes. I had seen similar on Etsy that I wanted and they decided to make for me.

I have never done this before but I was thinking of having a guest post (or two) on my blog at the end of the month. We could perhaps do a blog post exchange or something similar. Is anyone interested?

Finally my cat wanted to say hello! (excuse the phone photo)

Cat picture


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Umbrella Monday Chats

Yellow Rose

Another week has past and main thing you might have noticed on UmbrellaMonday, is I started posting again!  I have missed it and glad to be back. I wish I could say I stopped as I was off on some great adventure- nothing quite as exciting as that in reality unfortunately, but we can pretend….I have been off taming lions in the Sahara and the wifi hub got eaten by a rather unruly cub. Despite a few scratches it was great : ) Lots of posts planned so hope you will stick around to read them.

It has been a quiet and lazy week generally. I’ve continued to be successful in avoiding the World Cup, helped greatly by the boyfriend heading off to Spain for a lads holiday, not many games left so should hopefully make it through without watching a match.

I had a lovely girly catch up on Sunday to celebrate a friend’s birthday, complete with Cava and a few Gins. We planned a few more nights out for July which could test the shopping ban as I really want a new dress to wear! Will try to be good and dig out something old. Shopping my stash in terms of beauty is going well, enjoying rediscovering old gems and sticking to my little box of picks mentioned earlier my earlier post.

I hit 100 followers on Twitter last night which I am very pleased with, if you are one of them thanks! If you aren’t I’d love you to join the gang @Umbrellamonday

Do you like my Yellow rose pictured above? Picked up a bunch last week, they are past their best but still beautiful in their old age.

I haven’t done a chatty type post like this before, let me know if you liked it/hated it or have any suggestions.

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