Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter


Can’t believe here we are at Tuesday again! Got good stuff on this weekend with a wedding and a Rum tasting class, so wishing for the it already! I did join google+ over the last few days, I know I am a bit slow to the party, still trying to work it out! If you use it would appreciate tips!

Now on to the review, I go through phases with body butters, I am either using one religiously or not at all. My current favourite is the Japanese Cherry Blossom one from the Bodyshop.

I used to love the Bodyshop when I was in my early teens, bath pearls which could be bought pick n’ mix were style popular stop on the Saturday trip to the shops with friends. These are long gone now and I like the new Bodyshop and its body butters galore. When browsing in store, I am usually attracted to the gorgeous fruity scents such as Mango and Passion Fruit. However, when I actually come to use the product although I love them as I apply, I don’t enjoy smelling of passion fruit or similar all day- I know that might sound a little weird!

This body butter as a much fresher, floral smell which is enjoyable when applied but doesn’t overpower later in the day. It fades away nicely to make way for perfume.

The cream itself is lovely and thick. I usually apply it when I am just out the shower and my skin is still slightly wet to lock in the moisture. It blends easily and is absorbed quickly. I have found that it has made a difference to my skin. I used to have small dry patches on my upper arms and these are now gone since using this product. It also gives my body an all over soft feeling. It has lasted really well as you don’t need that much to butter up!

If you are going to shop at the Bodyshop make sure you have a wee search for a discount code, they always seem have promotions either online or in store. I actually got this one free as part of a buy a product get a body butter free promotion they had in the summer.

What is your favourite body butter?

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