Umbrella Monday Chats #2

Pride & Prejudice Quote Frame

Hello again, I’m back for a quick weekly catch up. Last week started off the with watching the Queens Baton Relay pass through town, really looking forward to the Commonwealth Games, I loved attending the Olympics so high hopes for Glasgow 2014.

Rest of my week was quite quiet, on Friday night I went to an Art exhibition with my friend, all very cultural and sophisticated- lots of free fizz too! I fell in love with one of the paintings, far out of my price range though. I wish I was one of those people who had money to spend of fabulous art…maybe if I spent less on make-up! : )

It was my birthday at the weekend, so a year older and all that. Had tea with my family one night- Thai food which I love. Then on Sunday an afternoon cocktail (or two) with the girls before meeting the boyfriend off his plane for a fancy tea for two. I was a very lucky girl and got some lovely gifts, I did pop a few pictures on Instagram (see sidebar) if you follow me there. The above picture is from one of the awesome homemade gifts my friends made me, framed Jane Austen quotes. I had seen similar on Etsy that I wanted and they decided to make for me.

I have never done this before but I was thinking of having a guest post (or two) on my blog at the end of the month. We could perhaps do a blog post exchange or something similar. Is anyone interested?

Finally my cat wanted to say hello! (excuse the phone photo)

Cat picture


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