Umbrella Monday Chats

Yellow Rose

Another week has past and main thing you might have noticed on UmbrellaMonday, is I started posting again!  I have missed it and glad to be back. I wish I could say I stopped as I was off on some great adventure- nothing quite as exciting as that in reality unfortunately, but we can pretend….I have been off taming lions in the Sahara and the wifi hub got eaten by a rather unruly cub. Despite a few scratches it was great : ) Lots of posts planned so hope you will stick around to read them.

It has been a quiet and lazy week generally. I’ve continued to be successful in avoiding the World Cup, helped greatly by the boyfriend heading off to Spain for a lads holiday, not many games left so should hopefully make it through without watching a match.

I had a lovely girly catch up on Sunday to celebrate a friend’s birthday, complete with Cava and a few Gins. We planned a few more nights out for July which could test the shopping ban as I really want a new dress to wear! Will try to be good and dig out something old. Shopping my stash in terms of beauty is going well, enjoying rediscovering old gems and sticking to my little box of picks mentioned earlier my earlier post.

I hit 100 followers on Twitter last night which I am very pleased with, if you are one of them thanks! If you aren’t I’d love you to join the gang @Umbrellamonday

Do you like my Yellow rose pictured above? Picked up a bunch last week, they are past their best but still beautiful in their old age.

I haven’t done a chatty type post like this before, let me know if you liked it/hated it or have any suggestions.

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Make-up Brush Roll


I had been looking for a pretty make-up brush roll for a while when I came across this one on Etsy a few months ago and wanted to share it with you. It is a simple design, flower patterned fabric, stitched to make slots for 11 brushes of difference sizes- this was an important factor as many of those I say didn’t my fav Powder Brush (review).

 Make up Brush roll

It rolls up nicely and secured by ribbon for travel/storage. It is big enough to hold the brushes I use most so it is used  for everyday brush storage in the house along with on the go. It just makes life easier to find/grab brushes as needed while keeping them tidy. It handy I stay at my boyfriends half the week so I can get grab it without having to think through what brushes I need to match the make-up I am taking.

Make up brush roll

Also handy, you can wash it if it gets a bit make-up grubby My only small criticism would be I wish  the slots for the bigger brush were on the opposite side from the ribbon ties (so they are in the middle when rolled) as I think it would roll up neat/prettier, with of big brush bristles popping out.

How do you all store your most used makeup brushes?

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Shopping my Stash


Hello old friend, its been awhile hasn’t it! I’ve still be servicing my beauty addiction and have lots of things to lovely things to share with you. Life just got busy, its still busy but I miss my little blog so putting it higher up the list again, lots of posts planned, hope you stick around to read them,

Keep me busy this month are a few exciting things including attending the Commonwealth Games and a girlie holiday to Denmark. As both of these require quite a few pennies, I am on a spending ban when it comes to make-up. As part of this I am ‘shopping my stash’ this month, digging out old favs and recently bought gems. I have decided to pull out a few items which will be the only make-up I use for the week (or two) and then swap/restock from my collection. I am hoping this will also help me use up a few things as the old make-up collection is getting a little out of hand.  An old glossybox is handy storage  for this weeks items.

For my face, I have Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and a pretty battered looking Collection Concealer  both which I had a while and are close to being finished- really keen to use them up to make room for new things. Also Benefits Porefessional and Rimmel Stay Matte made the box, I have talked about before- reliable staples.


Blusher, I added my recently bought Sleek palette in the lovely name ‘Pink Lemonade’ which has 3 fab options which I haven’t tested properly yet- excited for that. Also a MUA pink blush, don’t really need it as well but its small so handy for carrying. Of course needed a Bronzer, so my pale pale skin looks like it has experience abit of summer- using a BodyShop one.


For eyes, I went pretty simple in my choices as I don’t wear alot of make-up to work. A good rummage in my stash I pulled out a wee Bobbie Brown Quad which I used to love but has been overshadowed (teehee) by shiny new things. Also grabbed  Rimmel Scandaleyes in Rich Russet as is quick to apply, great for early mornings. Decided need a  bit of colour,so I don’t get bored- No7 Matte Maroon is a great purple colour which adds an extra dimension to a smoky eye. Limited myself to one mascara- BadGal Lash which I love and really needs to be used up as had this bottle opened a while.

Lips was the hardest one to shop my stash for and I originally had heaps of options. Forced myself to pick just two for this week: Revlon, Lip Butter in Macroon and a Chanel Lip gloss (181). I really like Chanel’s packaging always so elegant.

I have actually really enjoyed just having my wee box to pick from in the mornings before works, less decisions to be made. Might starting missing the options come Saturday night.