Painted Toes for a Sunny Holiday



Tangy Tangerine, Loafer Lover for you,  Kiko 235, Mornington Crescent, Gorgeous 293

As I may of mentioned a few times, I am off on to Dubai on holiday very soon- Friday in fact! I have been getting organised and starting to pack. Part of this was looking through my nail polish collection to decide what to paint on my toe nails so they look their best in my havaianas and peep-toe heels. I have a shortlist of 5 which one do you think I should go for?

First option is a wonderful shimmer turquoise Gorgeous 293, Sinful Colours.  Next and unusually for me I was attracted to the few orange shades in my collection. The prospect of much needed sun, sea and sand must have gone to me head. Tangy Tangerine, Rimmel is a pastel orange while option 3, Kiko (235) shade is a totally different shade offering brighter vibrant colour with a hint of shimmer.  I bought the Kiko polish in Italy last year so it always make me feel of holidays. Fourth choice is the blue Loafer Love for you,Rimmel. Final shortlisted colour is Mornington Cresecent by Nails Inc as pink usually looks good on my toes.

Leave me a comment to let me know which one you like best. I will post a picture of what I go for on instagram.

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Desert Metals Mascara by teeez Trendy Cosmetics

Desert Metals Mascara

I know I did a mascara review recently but I received this one in my You Beauty Discover box earlier this month and have really been impressed by the Desert Metals Mascara, so wanted to share.

I had never heard of the brand teeez Trend Cosmetics before so wasn’t sure what to expect. The Dutch company promise that this mascara which contains silk proteins which will protect and nourish your lashes. To be honest  I am not sure about these claims- what do you look for to know if it has now more nourished eyelash? Despite this I have been impressed.


The brush is a cone like shape, small at the tip getting progressively wider. The narrow tip makes it great for easily coating the outer most or inner most lashes. It is an intense black which I felt made my lashes appear longer and fuller. It didn’t create that ‘false lash’ effect but it is perfect for what I want from mascara. It did not smudge, lasted all day and was relatively easy to get off at the end of the day.

You can get this in various colours- I have Midnight Sky which is a strong black.

One sad point is that it is pretty expensive at around £17 and I found it hard to track down a UK stockist but you can get it at Hopefully, the brand will be stocked more widely in the future though as I really liked this product.

Has anyone tried anything else from this brand?

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