The Make-up Brands I Would Love to Try

Brands I would love to try

You may have gathered that I am a bit of a beauty addict and love to try new products. However, there are a number of brands that I have never tried first hand and am really lusting after at the moment. Here is a round of 9 beauty brands that are on my must try wishlist.

TopShop: I always stop by the make-up stand in-store but have yet to buy anything. Love the packaging of these products. My local store never has any testers open though which makes it harder to choose- holding out until I can swatch the colours before I purchase.

Sleek: A high street brand which has lots of interesting products, their blush in particular has attracted lots of positive chat on my Bloglovin feed and I really want to try it,

Dior: I have often stopped by  the Dior counter and am drawn to their eye shadow palettes and Dior Addict Lipgloss. However, other counters usually beckon me away before I part with my cash. (I’m looking at you Chanel counter!)

Tom Ford: A luxury brand that I haven’t had a chance to see up close but has some beautiful looking products, maybe one day?

MUA: I have never really paid much attention to this brand but have seen so many reviews recently of their amazingly prized products, I am now really intrigued. £1 for a lipstick is a bargain and will be picking one up soon to give it ago.

Models Own: Another drugstore brand, the launch of their Gel nail polishes has really peaked my interest and it competing with MUA for the first to be bought.

Hourglass: A brand which has recently come into my eye line, with all the buzz surrounding their new Ambient Lighting Blush. Unfortunately, it hasn’t made it this far north yet so not had a chance to swatch at a counter. Maybe its just me but if I am going to pay £30 for a blusher, I want to test it first to make sure I like it!

elf: I don’t know a huge amount about this brand but it keeps popping up with great looking products for not very much- a true Scottish lass- always drawn to a bargain!

Tarte: One that I haven’t been able  to get my hands on in the UK and have been wanting to try  their blushes for ages! They are now on their way to the UK via QVC so might soon be able to sample! Essie Button recently did a ‘Brand focus’ video on Tarte which is worth a look if you don’t know the brand

Have you tried any of these brands? What is your must try brand?

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2 thoughts on “The Make-up Brands I Would Love to Try

  1. Just a quick heads up on Elf, they have a 50% off sale until tomorrow with free standard delivery too so if you’re thinking about it, now’s the time. Some of the products are actually amazing for the price and if they were in prettier packaging I could see the bigger brands selling them at £30 or £40 a pop. – Sleek and MUA are also two favourites. I recently tried the Rose Gold blush which I think would look great on you. – And MUA? Just, yes. You should also have a look at the Luxe line. They have amazing! A-ma-zing products.

    I’ve been dying to try a Tom Ford lipstick or an eyeshadow quad but £62 for eyeshadow…??? Even if I had all of the money in the world I’d still question it. If it’s not made with Jesus’ tears then it needs to be cheaper.

    And lucky fr us, Tarte is coming to the UK. I was about to say in March but it is March now. I don’t think QVC UK will stock all of the range but still, it’s better than nothing.

    🙂 x

    • Thanks for the tip on the Elf sale will check that out. Totally agree with you about tom ford prices, just have to keep an eye out for dupes! I looked and seems like tart launches on qvc near the end of March so still a bit to wait! Am off to dubai next week for hols so might see if can get it there as nice to swatch etc for yourself. I think sleek will be my next brand to try as spotted a blusher I liked which is also wallet friendly thankfully!

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