realTechniques Powder Brush: Review

Powder Brush

The RealTechniques Powder Brush is the latest addition to my brush collection and I thought I would do a short review for you. There are so many brushes on the market at different price points and it can be a challenge to decide which ones can do what you need within your budget.

I would love to have a shiny matching set of brushes but I just can’t justify the spend all at once, as a result of  brush collection is a mis-match of brands and quality, that I have added to keep up with my expanding collection of cosmetics.

RealTechniques Powder Brush

Basics of the Brush

  • The brush is made by Sam Chapman (pixiwoo) who you may have seen on YouTube
  • It is made with sythetic bristles and promises to be 100% cruelty free.
  • It can stand on it’s end as with all the brushed in this range. So you can line them up all pretty on your dressing table if you have one (I don’t sadly).
  • The name of the brush is printed on the handle which is useful especially if you are still learning about make-up & brushes.
  • If you are new to this type of brush or just want to learn more realTechinques have a how to video on  their website.

Things I like about it

  • This brush is soooo fluffy it feels lovely to dust against your face.
  • It is a nice weight, easy to hold and grip.
  • Coverage- it picks up just the right about of product and allows you to sweep it evenly across your face. I have been using this mainly with my finishing power (current favourite is Rimmel Stay Matte) but I have also used this with my bronzer.
  • The head of the brush is nice and big which is what I want in a powder brush, I have taken a picture which it next to a Rimmel Nail  scale.

Make up brush scale photo

Overall, I am very pleased with this brush and would purchase another from the range, as I think in terms of quality vs price this brush is great.

I picked my brush up from Amazon  for £8.34+free P&P but you can purchase in lots of other places including Boots & Superdrug.

Anyway hope you enjoyed this quick review, what is your favourite make-up brush?

I will be posting Tuesday,Thursdays & Sundays!

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9 thoughts on “realTechniques Powder Brush: Review

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  2. I love my RT brushes, and don’t have this one yet. I really want it though, it sounds great, and I love how big it is! I really like the way you have taken a photo of it next to a nail polish – it really is helpful to have some idea of scale! x

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